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How does paragliding work?

How does paragliding work?

Paragliding season: winter, summer, at any time! You can explore the sky above the Soča Valley.

Paragliding locations: depending on the wind direction, we will drive to the most suitable takeoff location. We can go to the mountain by car or take a cable car. Usually, we fly from Mangart and Kanin.

Preparations for paragliding: Upon arrival at the launch site, I will prepare a special paraglider for two people for you. Your harness and helmet will be put on properly and I will explain how to take them off safely. After a short test run, we will be attached to the paraglider together. After the final safety check, we are ready to take off.

Take off with a paraglider: If the wind conditions are suitable, I lift the paraglider into the air, and after a few steps we gently lift off the mountain.

Paragliding flight: The dream of flying starts now. Sit comfortably in your harness and experience the freedom of flying. We will use the thermals to gain altitude and if we are lucky, we can fly with eagles. With every meter we climb, the view becomes more incredible. As the world gets smaller below us, your everyday problems disappear and your mind relaxes.

Flight time in paragliding: Flight time depends on conditions and location and is usually between 20 and 40 minutes.

Landing with a paraglider: After a beautiful flight, we prepare for landing. We need to take the right position in the harness, and I will guide the paraglider to a smooth landing. When we gently touch down on the ground, you will be overjoyed that your dream of flying has come true.

Paragliding in winter/spring: If you fly from Kanin, it is possible to take off and land with skis.

Requirements for paragliding: As a passenger, you will need good footwear (running shoes are good, not sandals) and appropriate clothing (long pants and a windbreaker or sweater). The ideal weight of passengers is between 20 and 100 kg. People with this weight can fly with the permission of the pilot. This activity is not recommended for people with heart problems or pregnant women. If you have health problems, ask the tour guide.