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    Paragliding Bovec

    What if this time you could see the Soča valley from a different, bird's-eye perspective?

    The peaks of the Julian Alps, the Soča river, Koritnica, all this from the air. Fun isn't it?

Paragliding Bovec

Winter, spring, summer, fall, anytime. All we need for paragliding is good wind and good weather. Together with us, you can embark on a tandem flight from Kanin, Mangartsko sedlo, Stol, and if necessary, we can also take you somewhere else. We take you to where the wind allows us optimal conditions on the day of the flight.

Once you receive information about the pickup location, complete all the formalities, and then a guide will introduce you to the adventure.

You will then be driven to the takeoff site. If you are flying from Kanin, you will be taken to the takeoff site by cable car. Before the flight, you will receive a safety briefing and a briefing on the process of tandem flight and will be equipped with the necessary equipment.

After that, you will have a bird's eye view of the valley for 20-45 minutes. At the end of the flight, a minibus will be waiting to take us back to the meeting point after changing clothes.

Important information

Kanin, Mangartsko sedlo

1.5 hours - 3 hours, of which 10 - 60 minutes in the air

If you have any health problems or recent injuries, you must consult with the guide before the activity. The ideal weight for passengers is between 20-100 kg. Additionally, the activity is not recommended for people with heart problems or pregnant women.

The whole year, under suitable wind conditions"

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